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Volleyball 2024, qualifying for the Summer Olympics in Paris 2024

Volleyball 2024, qualifying for the Summer Olympics in Paris 2024

Volleyball in 2024: Prospects and Expectations

Procedure of distribution of quotas among the volley-ball combined teams on future Olympiad in Paris will be changed. Also changes will bring in formats realization of competitions for Оlympians. The French volleyball teams, representing the host country, have already successfully passed the qualification process. More detailed about the way of other commands to the future games will tell in future and will understand, basic changes consist in what.

Volleyball 2024: Summer Olympics in Paris

The Olympic qualification system for the 2024 games has already been altered and approved by the International Federations. Previously, the Volleyball Federation (FIVB) released the schedule for the qualification tournament. On future Olympiad the role of rating at distribution of quotas became more meaningful, than before. The competition format will also differ from the previous one used the Games in Tokyo.

Twelve men’s and twelve women’s teams will participate in the Olympic tournaments. As mentioned earlier, the French team has automatically qualified and secured a guaranteed spot in the games.

The remaining quotas for men’s and women’s teams were played out in the fall of 2023. Each tournament featured 8 teams, totaling 24 men’s and 24 women’s teams. Qualification was based on rating the FIVB ranking as actual of 2022. Two teams from each group in the qualification tournament earned their tickets to the Summer Olympics in France. The last 5 Olympic quotas will be decided in the summer of 2024 based on geographical principles and the ranking of the volleyball federation. Teams from continents where there are no volleyball teams that have qualified for the Olympics are expected to have an advantage.

The format of future competitions differs from the previous one in several aspects. In the previous stage of the tournament, teams will play against 12 teams, divided into 3 groups of 4 teams each. Let’s remind that in the previous (past) Olympic Games in Tokyo, there  were played 2 groups with 6 teams each.

In the playoffs, 2 winners from each group and the best 2 teams among those that finished third will advance. Determination of the best teams will be based on additional criteria. Afterward, playoff games will follow the classic, well-known scheme:

  1. Quarterfinals.
  2. Semifinals.
  3. Bronze medal match.
  4. Gold medal match.

In order not to miss the allocation of the left quotas, watch after updating on our portal. We operatively will publish the tournament table of volley-ball 2024 and not only. You will find at most important and interesting news about future Olympiad in France, volley-ball super league 2023-2024 and other sporting events worth watching in this season in us.

It is important! Despite the mentioned changes in the qualifications for volleyball matches in 2024, the format of beach volleyball games remains unchanged. As in previous years, 24 teams in the preliminary stage will be divided into 6 groups. In the playoffs, 2 leaders from each group and 2 teams that secured third places will advance.

Qualification selection for men’s national teams

The qualifying selection for the Olympics for men’s volleyball teams took place last autumn. The games were held in Japan, China and Brazil, 24 national teams took part in the tournament. 3 groups were formed from them:

  • Group A – Brazil, Italy, Iran, Cuba, Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, Qatar.
  • Group B – Japan, USA, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Finland.
  • Group C – China, Poland, Argentina, Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Bulgaria.

As a result of the tournament, the men’s national teams from Japan, Brazil, the USA, Germany, Canada, and Poland have secured their spots in future Olympic Games. In the final match of the tournament, the USA defeated Serbia, earning their ticket to the future games. Japan is set to participate in the Olympics after a 3:2 victory over Slovakia. The German team emerged victorious in all seven matches in their group, making a return to the Olympics after a 12-year absence.

The team from Poland emerged as the winner in Group C, leading the global rankings. The Polish team secured victory over Argentina in the final game of the tournament. By defeating Mexico, Argentina, and Belgium, the Polish team claimed the top spot in the group and successfully qualified for the Olympic Games in France. Canada secured their quota after a victory over Mexico in the last qualifying match.

In the decisive match, the Brazilian team defeated Italy with a score of 3:2, taking away the last quota for the Olympic Games.

Women’s National Teams Qualification

Qualifying tournaments for the Olympic Games for women’s volleyball teams also took place in the autumn of 2023. The games were in China, Japan, and Poland. 24 women’s volleyball teams, including the Ukrainian team, were divided into groups.  2 leaders from each group earned their tickets to future Olympics. The remaining 5 quotas will be determined later based on rankings and the geographical location of participating countries.

Women’s Olympic Volleyball Teams Groups for 2024:

  • Group A: China, Serbia, Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Canada, Czech Republic, Mexico, Ukraine.

    Group B: Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Belgium, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Peru.


    Group C: Poland, Italy, USA, Thailand, Germany, Colombia, South Korea, Slovenia.

In the final qualifying match of the tournament, the Ukrainian team secured victory over Mexico with a score of 3:1. Ukraine dominated in the first set, securing a victory with 13 points, and continued their dominance in the second set. Although Mexico managed to win the third set of the match, in the fourth set, they once again succumbed to Ukraine with a score of 2:12. This victory solidified Ukraine’s position in the Olympic qualification.

During the qualifying rounds, the Ukrainian team faced strong opponents, losing to Canada, Serbia, the Dominican Republic, and China. However, Ukraine secured a victory against the Czech Republic with a score of 3:1. As a result of the qualifiers, Ukraine finished in sixth place in the group standings. For the 2024 Olympic Games, we can expect to see the women’s teams from Serbia and the Dominican Republic, who emerged as leaders in Group A. Teams from Turkey and Brazil claimed the top spots in Group B, securing their places in the Olympics. From Group C, the USA and Poland have already advanced to the Paris Olympics.

Where to Find the Updated Volleyball Calendar in 2024

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