Copyrights holders

Website  is accessible to all visitors, and all content are written by ourselves. Videos used in highlights or at any other page from our website taken from various legally accessible sources including Creative Commons Copyrights. Also we have note about the author of the original content and links back to it.

The administration of the website are negative about the violation of copyrights and ready to take preventive actions to prevent such violations. So if you are a holder of rights, including:

  • distribution rights;
  • public display rights;
  • owner rights for the content;

and website violates your copyrights, please contacts us by email

Withing 5 working days we will take care of your claim, if the information given was fully reasoned.

Your claim should include the following information:

  1. Information about the object of copyright
  2. Information about the legal authority
    • Company name
    • Official website
    • Contact information
  3. Information about the person making the complaint
    • Contact information
    • Rights for actions on behalf of the Rightholder
  4. Claim information