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TOP 30 football clubs in Europe. Leadership belongs to German teams.

TOP 30 football clubs in Europe. Leadership belongs to German teams.

Fans are an integral part of the world of football. Therefore, we decided to determine which clubs in Europe have the highest attendance figures.

The study used average attendance data from Transfermarkt as of February 12 for all top divisions, as well as the second divisions of England, Germany, Spain, Italy and France. It’s important to note that many of the clubs on this list (including those outside the top 50) are limited by the size of their stadiums, and for clarity we’ve also included how many fans fill their arenas on average.

Football club attendance rating for the 2023/2024 season

“Borussia” D and “Bayern” are leaders in Europe in terms of attendance. Among the top 5 German clubs in terms of attendance are three from the first Bundesliga: “Eintracht”, “Schalke” and “Hamburg” from the second Bundesliga.

“Inter” has a better attendance than “Milan”, although they play in the same stadium. However, the gap between Roma and Lazio at Olimpico is much higher.

“West Ham” is the second most visited club in the Premier League, thanks to the size of the “London Stadium”, the third largest in the league.

This season of “Barcelona” is modest due to the reconstruction of Camp Nou. On average, 53,000 fans attended.

A combination of Chelsea’s failures and the size of the stadiums has resulted in Rusyn’s Sunderland being ranked higher than Mudryk’s club.

Most Ukrainians go to Andrii Lunin’s matches, i.e. to “Real”.

Sevilla (34,901 fans) and Bayer Leverkusen (29,957) were outside the top 50. The former fill the stadium by 75%, which is logical given the shape of the club. Others fill “BayArena” by 99.2%, accommodating only 30,000 people.

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