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Euro-2024: Draw, Groups, and Schedule

Euro-2024: Draw, Groups, and Schedule

June is a hot time of the year, a period of weekends and active outdoor entertainment. It is the most anticipated month for soccer fans worldwide as it marks the start of a highly anticipated event for sports enthusiasts to watch Euro-2024.

Группы Евро 2024

On June 14, 2024, the Euro 2024 championship kicks off, opening the competition between Germany’s and Scotland’s national teams. The teams from 24 countries are divided into 6 groups, each including 6 matches, forming the initial tournament table. As of January 2024, three more participants are unknown, but they will compete for the right to debut in Euro 2024 in March.

This year, the tournament takes place in Germany, which the organizing committee chose due to compliance with conditions for hosting matches, stadium organization, and more. Therefore, all event participants will have the opportunity not only to enjoy intense matches but also to visit a number of the country’s historical landmarks.

Experts from news365sport have prepared a brief overview of the upcoming event, including its participants, potential favorites, match schedule, and the platform where you can enjoy your favorite live football games and of course Euro-2024 live.

The Secret Trio: Euro-2024 Participation Candidates

Not all tournament participants secure their spots in advance. Some national teams fail to accumulate the required points in the qualifying matches but don’t get eliminated permanently; instead, they receive an additional chance. This opportunity is exclusively ensured by winning in the playoff, held among teams that have earned a significant number of points and have relatively similar results.

This year, 12 countries will compete for the right to participate in Euro 2024, divided into three paths.

Path APath BPath C
Poland – EstoniaIsrael – IcelandGeorgia – Luxembourg
Wales – FinlandBosnia and Herzegovina – UkraineGreece – Kazakhstan
Winner 1 – Winner 2Winner 1 – Winner 2Winner 1 – Winner 2

As a result, the winner of Path A will join Group D, the leader of Path B will join Group E, and the favorite of Path C will join Group F. The competitions will take place in March of this year.

If you plan to watch soccer live free, you are probably already interested in predictions for the winners of these matches. In Path A, the victory is predicted for the Poles, although there is a chance that the Welsh might secure it. Finland also has chances for success, while Estonia is given odds of 50.0, which is not very promising.

In Path B, Ukraine’s team is likely to win, with odds of 2.15 according to bookmakers’ forecasts. There is a potential for Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it is significantly lower and is estimated at 3.70.

On Path C, there are two strong teams, Greece and Georgia, each with chances to advance to Group F. 

Most likely, we will see Poland in Group D, Ukraine in Group E, and Greece in Group F. However, the actual compositions of Euro-2024 will be known in March. By the way, you can follow the course of the matches directly on the 365 live sport football platform.

Main Squad for Euro 2024

Евро 2024 кубок

The qualifying matches held throughout 2023 have shaped the core lineup of the tournament. It includes teams from 21 countries with the most points in the qualification competitions.

Current list of participants:

  • Austria
  • Albania
  • England
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Turkey
  • Hungary
  • France
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Switzerland
  • Scotland

As for the group composition, it looks as follows:

Group AGroup BGroup C
Germany, Scotland, Hungary, SwitzerlandSpain, Croatia, Italy, AlbaniaSlovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England
Group DGroup EGroup F
Winner of Path A, Netherlands, Austria, FranceBelgium, Slovakia, Romania, Winner of Path BTurkey, Winner of Path C, Portugal, Czech Republic

The tournament starts on June 14 and begins with a match between Germany’s and Scotland’s teams. The further grouping will depend on the performance of each national team. So, don’t miss the soccer streams

Schedule of Euro-2024 Matches from 365live Football

We understand that you are eagerly awaiting the final of the competition to experience the intense emotions that will fill you during the match. But everything has its time, so let’s focus first on the qualifying matches that will determine the last three national teams entering Euro-2024.

03/21/20247:00 PMGeorgia – Luxembourg
9:45 PMBosnia and Herzegovina – Ukraine
9:45 PMGreece – Kazakhstan
9:45 PMIsrael – Iceland
9:45 PMPoland – Estonia
9:45 PMWales – Finland

After the semifinal, the final will occur between the winners of the matches on each path. We will find out the final composition of Euro 2024 very soon, namely on 03/26/2024. All that’s left is to wait for the start of the event, which will keep millions of fans from around the world on the edge for almost a month.

Schedule of Main Group Stage Matches

The first matches will be the starting point of the tournament.

Round 1
06/14/202410:00 PMGermany – Scotland
06/15/20244:00 PMHungary – Switzerland
7:00 PMSpain – Croatia
10:00 PMItaly – Albania
06/16/20247:00 PMSlovenia – Denmark
10:00 PMSerbia – England
06/17/20247:00 PMBelgium – Slovakia
10:00 PMAustria – France
06/18/202410:00 PMPortugal – Czech Republic


Round 2
06/19/20244:00 PMCroatia – Albania
7:00 PMGermany – Hungary
10:00 PMScotland – Switzerland
06/20/20244:00 PMSlovenia – Serbia
7:00 PMDenmark – England
10:00 PMSpain – Italy
06/21/202410:00 PMNetherlands – France
06/22/20247:00 PMTurkey – Portugal
10:00 PMBelgium – Romania


Round 3
06/23/202410:00 PMSwitzerland – Germany
10:00 PMScotland – Hungary
06/24/202410:00 PMAlbania – Spain
10:00 PMCroatia – Italy
06/25/20247:00 PMNetherlands – Austria
10:00 PMEngland – Slovenia
10:00 PMDenmark – Serbia
06/26/20247:00 PMSlovakia – Romania
10:00 PMCzech Republic – Turkey

Next, we will see how the tournament bracket forms and the favorites of this historic event are determined. How the competition unfolds will be revealed only with time. But if you don’t want to miss any match, get ready to watch an online football stream on the 365livesport platform!